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Bowen Memorial Hall, Little Haven

Bowen Memorial Hall, Little Haven

A small sandy cove with pebbles above the high tide line, backing on to the picturesque old fishing village. Popular in summer with beachgoers, divers and for boating and can get crowded. The beach faces north west and offers some shelter from the prevailing south westerly winds. At some low tides it is possible to walk from Little Haven to Broad Haven, but beware of getting cut off by the incoming tide. In the past locally mined coal was shipped from Little Haven in small sailing vessels The first appearance in recent history is on Christopher Saxon’s map of 1578 when he recorded the cove as ‘Lytle’ Haven and the small hamlet of fishing huts and single storey rubble buildings has evolved into the bustling tourist village of today. It seems that the present village owes its growth to two water mills (now gone), fishing and coal (Cambria Archaeology: Little Haven Settlement). The stream that divides the village is the boundary between the parishes of Walton West and Talbenny. Following 1860, Little Haven underwent a sudden expansion with the building of many of the larger dwellings that we see today. Sea Bird Close (The Wigwams) was built in 1973.

The Hall

The Little Haven Bowen Memorial Hall is very busy and well used. It accommodates the Bowls Club, W.I, Girl Guides, and the Art Group and holds has four art exhibitions each year and many social functions. Within Little Haven there are four notice boards strategically situated around the village displaying forthcoming events and information. The village is also covered by the newsletter and website There is a growing number of children in Little Haven village and the small beach area provides the only space for them to play. Due to the amount of other activities that utilise the same space, an alternative play area is needed.


The Bowen Memorial Hall has been renovated in recent years to provide an excellent facility for community and private events. It has a well equiped kitchen with large serving hatch. There are sufficient chairs and tables to seat 100 people.


Edna Davies   Tel:01437 781150



A minor road runs south from Broad Haven to Little Haven but it is very narrow and twisty in places. There's also a minor road to Little Haven off the B4341 Haverfordwest-Broad Haven road, and this is the best route into the village. The hall is found on the left hand side passed the entrance to the car park.


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