Neuaddau Sir Benfro

Neuadd y Pentref, Castell Gwalchmai

Neuadd y Pentref, Castell Gwalchmai

Walwyn’s Castle lies about 4 miles west of Milford Haven and two miles south of Broad Haven and is centred on the village green, the Church of St James the Great and the village hall. The western half of the village lies within National Park as the boundary follows the minor north-south road between Picking Corner and Rosemoor

Y Neuadd

This recently renovated hall is widely used by the community. Originally the village school, it has the advantage of a cottage attched which is hired out for holiday lets and creates an income for the continued maintenance of the hall.


  • Kitchen with modern equipment including dish washer
  • Toilets
  • Large car park
  • Refurbished hall

Cysylltu: 01437 929813

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