Neuadd y Gymuned, Clunderwen

Neuadd y Gymuned, Clunderwen

The name Clunderwen does not appear in any literature until 1822 where it refers to the farm and mansion which still stand about a mile to the east of the village. Clunderwen is located in a generally rural area at the foothills of the Preseli Mountains. Up until 2004 the village fell under Carmarthenshire but the county boundaries have since been re-drawn so that Clunderwen now comes into the local authority of Pembrokeshire. Clunderwen, which lies in the area of the Maenclochog ward, has a population of approximately 510 people.

Y Neuadd

The Community Hall is regularly used by the community and residents to hold concerts, community events and community classes as well as by local groups: Community Council, gardening club, Guides, karate, senior citizens, short mat bowls, W.I., YFC and YF show committee. The improvements that have already been made to the Hall, such as, new roof, double-glazing, new carpet and central heating in the annexe are seen as definite changes for the better.


  • There is a large fixed stage
  • The kitchen has been refurbished with 2 hobs and ovens and a large fridge.

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