Neuadd Pennar, Doc Penfro

Neuadd Pennar, Doc Penfro

The community of Pennar and Bufferland in Pembroke Dock is home to the town’s Fire Station and Cricket Club. It has a post office, two pubs, shops a scout hall and two community schools. Overlooking the town, it has lots of open spaces with great views, such as the Barrack Hill where you can see down the Haven.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path passes through Pennar and you can walk alongside the river through fields and farms all the way to Pembroke Quay.

Y Neuadd

In 2002 a local Action Plan deemed the church hall surplus to requirements and suggested it should be demolished. A public meeting was held at the hall and a small committee was formed with a view to obtaining a lease from the Church of Wales. The lease was acquired in 2004 for 20 years and St Patrick’s Community Hall Committee was formed to manage the old church hall. For marketing purposes we call ourselves Pennar Hall so people can place us geographically within the County.


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