Canolfan Gymunedol Cilgeti

Canolfan Gymunedol Cilgeti

The village of Kilgetty is situated approximately five miles north of Tenby in the undulating countryside of South Pembrokeshire. In 1984 the Kilgetty Bypass was opened. Apart from the pedestrian underpass the realignment of the A477 has separated Kingsmoor village from Kilgetty. The location of Kilgetty on the junction of the A477T and the A478 makes it the gateway to the south of the County and in particular to the acclaimed coastline of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Kilgetty has a good range of shops, including a supermarket, grocery shop, chemist, curtain specialist shop, car salesroom, hairdresser and barber. Begelly has a bakery and two garages. There is also a fish ‘n’ chip shop, Chinese take-away, two public houses, a cafe and gift shop. Accommodation is available at Manian Lodge, Begelly Arms, B & B guest houses and caravan sites.

Y Neuadd

The Community Centre which is used by a number of local groups. Events organised by the Community Council and the Community Association are held in the Centre. The hall has a large meeting room, smaller meeting room and a fully equipped kitchen

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