Canolfan Gymunedol yr Hen Ysgol, Eglwyswrw

Canolfan Gymunedol yr Hen Ysgol, Eglwyswrw

The village lies in a predominantly rural area, six miles south west of Cardigan. The parish is in the heart of the Welsh speaking area of North Pembrokeshire and remains a bastion of the language. The population in 2001 was 732. The village square is the historical focal point for the village of Eglwyswrw. There are a number of important buildings surrounding the square; the parish church, Serjeants Arms and the “Armoury”. On the west side of the village are the remains of a small Norman motte. The village was important in earlier times, having several fairs, including the famous Meigan Fair which is still hled on the last Monday in November. The district court met in Eglwyswrw – a function that is remembered in the name of the Serjeants Arms. Today there are many businesses and services in Eglwyswrw, particularly agricultural and horticultural, however the village post office and shop has recently closed. The local primary school has round 130 pupils.

Y Neuadd

The Old School Community Centre was once a Victorian School.  It was bought by the Eglwyswrw Community Council Association in the 1980’s and after a complete refurbishment was opened in 1998. The maximum capacity of the hall is around 100.

Registered charity number 512095


  • Good heating
  • Well equiped kitchen

ParcioParcio ar gael
ParcioParcio anabl ar gael

HygyrchHygyrch i gadair olwyn i'r blaen

ToiledToiled hygyrch i gadeiriau olwyn
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RampRamp i fyny i'r adeilad
RampRamp i lawr i'r adeilad