Neuadd Goffa Treletert

Neuadd Goffa Treletert

The village has the benefit of a Primary School, Church, Chapels, Post Office, Public Houses, an award-winning Fish and Chip Shop Takeaway/Restaurant, Petrol Filling Station/Store, etc. The Market Town of Fishguard is close by and has the benefit of a good shopping centre, together with a wide range of amenities and facilities.

Y Neuadd

The main hall has a curtained stage with professional sound and lighting and can be served through hatches from the adjacent fully equipped kitchen. There is a separate bar when required. The Hall will hold 300 people seated or 400 standing, e.g. for a dance or disco. Approximately 200 can be seated at tables.

The remainder of the building houses a Medical centre, IT room and Meeting room.

Rooms and facilities are accessible by wheelchair. Outside there is a large parking area with adjacent playing field and tennis courts. Letterston Memorial Hall has facilities to support a wide range of activities; there are three main areas:

Cysylltu â

Babs Johnson
01348 872282


  • The Main Hall including its Stage, the Meeting (Committee) Room and the Computer (IT) Room
  • Main Hall 18m long by 12m with wooden floor ideal for dancing and a curtained Stage 9m wide by 7m.
  • Licensed for 400 for Music/Dancing, 300 seated and around 200 seated at tables.
  • There is a bar open to the main hall.
  • Servery hatches opening into the Hall from the well-equipped Kitchen,
  • Audio-visual equipment is available.
  • Sound Desk and a Lighting Desk can be operated near the Stage or at the back of the Hall
  • Meeting Room (Committee Room) 9.5m x 6m carpeted with furniture for up to 60 people in rows or 40 around tables. Located near the back entrance to the Stage for performers to change and store equipment. T-loop sound system.
  • Computer (IT) Room is 6m by 4.5m carpeted with 11 PCs controlled by Pembrokeshire College. Central table for meetings of up to 10 people. Includes projector and screen, and whiteboard. A PC as public Internet access point.
  • The Kitchen has a seating area 3m by 4m with chairs and small tables. The Kitchen proper is 7.5m by 3m and is well furnished with professional equipment.
  • Outside there is a Car park a Grass activity area and Tennis Courts.

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