Neuadd Llawhaden, Llawhaden

Neuadd Llawhaden, Llawhaden

Rural village with a ruined 11th century Castle, church hospice.  Beautiful rural riverside walks and bridleways.  Easily accessible from the main A40 and suited for parties, discos, meetings, theatre and concerts.

The Hall

Large internal hall with stage and dressing room and balcony, smaller committee room, storage areas

The Hall capacity is 200 people maximum.

The hall can be let partially for smaller meetings, parties etc

Charity number 52440


Full large kitchen complete with crockery, dishwasher, kettle, large oven and hob, bar facilities

ParcioParcio ar gael
ParcioParcio anabl ar gael
HygyrchHygyrch i gadair olwyn i'r blaen
ToiledToiled hygyrch i gadeiriau olwyn
MynedfaMynedfa gwastad i'r adeilad