Neuadd Victoria, Roch

Neuadd Victoria, Roch

Roch village grew around the Norman Watch Tower built by Adam de Roche. Now called Roch Castle it stands on a volcanic outcrop overlooking the deep Brandybrook valley. This valley forms the western end of the Landsker line, the approximate boundary marking the extent of Norman control in medieval times.  Even today to the north of this line Welsh is more frequently spoken and villages generally have Welsh names, unlike those to the south of the line that are predominantly of English origin.

The village includes a post office, shop, school, pub, church and chapel, plus a thriving village hall.

Y Neuadd

Converted from an unwanted barn over 30 years ago the village hall (Victoria Hall) has been extended and modernised to provide an outstanding facility enjoyed by all in the local community.

Cysylltwch â

Sue Pasternak ar 01437 711543 ar gyfer mwy o fanylion


  • Main hall: approximately 19m x 9m
  • 1st Committee room: 6m x 5m
  • 2nd committee room: 4.5m x 3m
  • Kitchen: Modern electric cooker with gas rings, microwave, water heater, commercial dishwasher, fridge
  • Max capacity: Depends on event. (around 150 -175)
  • Ample parking.
  • Outside: Multi-use Games Area, childrens playground and approximately 2 acre field.
  • No liquor licence.

Registered charity: 507006


  • Stage, PA system, Induction loop.
  • Large, modern kitchen with electric cooker and gas rings, microwave, water heater, fridge, freezer and commercial dishwasher.
  • Efficient heating system
  • Extensive grounds including multi-use games area and childrens playground

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